Compassionate Care and Safe Services
This is what we should all expect for our maternity care in one of the most vulnerable times of our lives. Everyone who has done my courses know that I don’t use the term “natural birth” or discourage women from having pain relief.

My courses are not about having the “perfect” birth. They are about using deep relaxation and positive reframing of birth experiences. Births can be unpredictable and I teach couples to be flexible with their plans and above all to make positive choices. And if that means having an epidural or a caesarean then hurray for our wonderful top class hospitals that can provide these options for the safety of mum and baby.

All births are just as “valid” as each other. Nobody’s birth is “better” than someone else’s. You are the warrior women who give birth, vaginally or by caesarean, using your inner strength and relaxation/Hypnobirthing toolkit. And you are amazing you mamas. I’m in awe of the birth stories Hypnomums send to me that we’ve posted on our Hypnobirthing Walthamstow Fb page. True examples of strength, determination and positivity.

About Classes and Courses with Jo

I’m well known in East London (and beyond since the pandemic) for my passion, warmth and wealth of experience in supporting mothers, partners and babies, before and after birth.img_0045

  • I’ve helped over 1,500 families prepare for birth over the last 14 years through my highly respected and popular Hypnobirthing programme.
  • A special passion of mine is making sure women aren’t isolated after birth because those first few weeks are vital to postnatal mental health and wellbeing. A lot of my activities include informal social aspects; be it the weekly ‘Hypnomums’ club; meals with other course group members; homemade cakes, chats and support after baby massage classes.
  • I have an eminent list of speakers who provide in depth knowledge for antenatal, birth and postnatal phases. These include Midwives, Doulas, Sleep Consultants, Breastfeeding Consultants, Nutritionists etc, we even have The Nappy Lady advising!

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If you’d like to find out about Baby Massage and Yoga, Pregnancy Fitness, Postnatal Pilates with Baby and Mums Fitness classes please go to my daughter, Chloe’s, website.