Hypnomums Free Practice

Once a week (rotating on different days) we meet for Hypnomums club.

During these sessions, birthing issues are raised and discussed plus we practice lots of relaxation, breathing techniques and birthing positions. Partners are welcome if they have missed one of the hypnobirthing course sessions.

The advantage of these sessions is that women from different courses can get to know each other while having regular practice sessions right up until the birth. A great opportunity to make your Baby/Mum friends.

There is an opportunity for new women to meet Hypnomums and enquire about the course.

Most women will be able to attend at least 4 – 8 of these free sessions and more if they start the evening class earlier. If you are undecided about doing a class, why don’t you come and have a free taster at the Hypnomums club and talk to some of the other women about their experiences?

One of the hypnomum groups after a relaxation session – don’t worry the dog was just visiting and isn’t a regular!