Hypnomums Club – Free Practice Sessions

One of the best things about my courses is the Hypnomums Club. It’s completely free and is a weekly practice session. We do the breathing, relaxation, positions for birth plus an ante/postnatal/birth related topic. They act like antenatal and postnatal workshops providing packets of information so you can build up a large body of knowledge and skills. They cover a wide variety of topics, these are delivered either by myself or an amazing team of guest speakers.

The speakers include:-

  • Midwives
  • Doulas
  • Breastfeeding Consultants
  • Sleep Consultants
  • Nutritional therapists
  • Pre and postnatal Fitness specialists
  • Pregnancy yoga teachers
  • Baby Skin Experts
  • Babycare Teachers
  • The list goes on and you can make special requests for more.

Topics include all of the above plus lots of antenatal and postnatal subjects including:-

  • Birth Plans
  • The stages of Labour
  • The golden hour after birth
  • The importance of Hormones for a calm birth
  • Perineal massage and aftercare
  • Partners top tips
  • Iron deficiency, Piles, constipation.
  • Natural ways to combat Indigestion
  • Mastitis and how to self treat
  • Taking the fear away from Induction of Labour
  • The Early Hours of labour and how to get into your zone
  • The first 2 weeks of life and how much to feed your baby
  • Ask The Midwife – Q and A session
  • Nutrition for pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Biological nurturing
  • Placental encapsulation
  • Massage for oxtytocin and endorphins raising
  • Positions for Labour
  • Cloth Nappies, free trial available
  • Skin, how to look after yours and your baby’s skin
  • First 3 months and what to look out for
  • First 3-6 months ditto
  • Weaning

The sessions are held in two ways, some are at the Toy Library in Walthamstow and the others are live online using the Zoom app. They are really useful ways to increase your confidence and skills plus you get to cement your friendships with other hypnobirthing mums and couples. Although we call it Hypnomums Club it has morphed into an all inclusive welcoming Club! Dads, partners, grannies, aunties and even well behaved older siblings are all welcome!

All the information about dates, topics plus zoom links are on the monthly Hypnomums post on the Hypnobirthing Walthamstow Facebook page.
One of the Hypnomums groups after a relaxation session – don’t worry the dog was just visiting and isn’t a regular!