Positive Caesarean Workshop

  • Learn techniques to experience a lovely calm, positive Caesarean.
  • Using special breathing plus relaxation methods you can eliminate the fear about the operation.
  • Learn ways to make the experience more comfortable and as near to a natural birth as possible.
  • Learn about the importance of a Positive Birth Plan; Skin to Skin; The Golden Hour; the Microbiome; postnatal recovery and breastfeeding specifically after a caesarean.

I will equip you and your partner with a toolkit to use so that you can feel confident and empowered.

2 hour workshop costs £45 and includes an MP3 relaxation script; handout; what’s app group with current Caesarean couples to exchange tips and ideas with and support each other (these can become firm friends); access to the wide community of Hypnobirthing families on fb; Free relaxation class in the Hypnomums Club; Free Pregnancy Fitness Class; Free Baby Massage and Yoga class.

At the moment the workshops are on zoom. Please let me know if you would like to join and your due date.

Read Lucie’s lovely birth story. The staff said she was one of the calmest they had ever had.

“On the 20th May we had our positive Caesarean. Using hypnobirthing relaxation and breathing techniques we learnt from Jo we were able to have a calm, relaxed and incredible birth.

I breathed through the epidural with Jack holding my hands and looking into my eyes. The anaesthetist said I was one of the calmest he had ever met!

I breathed through it all and Jack stroked my arm. We had originally planned to have on our own hypnobirthing music but as I felt so calm I didn’t ask to change the radio, weirdly he was born to ‘rocketman’ by Elton John playing on heart radio – it was perfect. We had the screen lowered as he was being delivered, I asked for prior warning of this and our little rocketman was lifted out as the drapes dropped!

The team tried to accommodate everything I had written in my Positive Birth Plan. We had skin to skin within a couple of minutes (he was weighed quickly and wiped down and the cord cut with a slight delay). I had the tabs on my back and was allowed to keep my arms free from my gown so I could hold him. I held him close to my chest as they stitched me up. It took around 40 mins so by the time we were in recovery he was ready for his first feed! I stayed skin to skin with him for hours and hours, it was the perfect first day of life.”