ArthurThis is the story of Naomi and baby Arthur. Another example of hypnobirthing going faster than the midwives predict. An exciting tale of 999 advice to Hypnodad Patrick as the Naomi nearly gives birth at home.

“Arthur made a dramatic express entrance into the world (less than 4 hrs labour) on 28 May at 4.52pm weighing in at 7.5lb. We are all doing well at home and loving getting to know each other with lots of cuddles! Patrick narrowly avoided having to deliver the baby at home by 40mins (I always fancied a home delivery) an interesting story to retell in years to come! You will see the story was not totally straightforward but all the lessons learnt though hypnobirthing meant we feel elated with the experience.

My waters broke partially at 1.30am on the 28 May so we made our way to Homerton to get it confirmed/checked. Once at the hospital the midwife did a quick check which made the rest of my waters go but at the time I was only 1cm dilated so was sent home with info on how I would be induced on Thursday if I had not gone into natural labour. At home I headed to bed with a warm hot water bottle and tried to sleep through the contractions whilst listening to the scripts. At 7.30am I decided to get up and have a bath. The surges were getting stronger – for me they felt like period cramps. The bath really helped and Patrick started to time the surges and coach me through them by chanting – 3,2,1 relax! I found the counting down really helpful (a tip from Natalie’s birth).

By 11am the surges were coming 3 every 10 mins and at a strength where I couldn’t talk through them. So we headed off to Homerton again. However, I was 2cm dilated and sent home with a paracetomol and advised that as a first time mum they would not look at me again for 4 hrs. I explained that I was hypnobirthing and suggested I stay for an hour and to be checked again but it was a busy day and all rooms were full so they suggested I go home as I would progress better there. Which, I know makes sense but I was frustrated as I felt I knew my body better – and it transpires I did.

At home again and I hopped back in the bath and did a mixture of this, using my birthing ball and some yoga poses. In the bath at 2.40pm I had the transition / wobble and looked at Patrick and said – I REALLY need to push (perhaps not as politely as this). On advice from the hospital we called 999 (not the planned route in!). The wonderful 999 operator got Patrick to get me out the bath and in a position at home which would delay the birth (we realise in hindsight). Against the hypno instincts I was advised to pant though the surges, now a minute apart (I had a strong urge to breath the baby down). The operator talked Patrick through everything and he used the hypno words of encouragement so although not going as planned I felt more in control than I would have without the support of scripts which I was listening to now on my ipod.

The ambulance arrived an hour later and after a quick assessment it was decided they thought they could get me to the hospital on time. On arrival, ipod still in, I was whisked into a room and informed I was fully dilated. I did have to push but at the time I was grateful for some gas and air and reassurance that the baby was looking happy on the monitor. Little Arthur arrived 40mins later. I feel so grateful to have learned the lessons from hynobirthing which helped me to feel calmer and more in control of a situation which we could not have foreseen. Thank you to Jo and all the hypnomums – looking forward to seeing you all again sometime soon. There really is nothing to worry about – the course and drop in sessions were utterly invaluable for us!”