HuwieAnother amazing birth story from Nat and Gareth. I love the bit about the eye mask. Imagine the triage room like a hotel! Welcome to the world Huw and big congrats to hypnomum and hypnodad Nat and Gareth.

“I woke up on Saturday morning and heard a pop. When I went to the loo I realised I was leaking water a bit. As Gareth and I were both feeling a bit ropy from an ‘inducer’ curry (not the best idea with hindsight) I put a pad on and went back to sleep. When I woke at 11am, I pottered around and my waters came on more fully. We were asked to go to the hospital when I called them and got there about 2pm.

At the hospital, they confirmed my waters were broken and I wasn’t dilated so they booked me in for an induction at 8.30am Sunday morning or asked me to come back when my contractions were 3 in 10 mins for 3-4 hours. My blood pressure was a little high so they asked me to go for a walk and come back in an hour. When I went back I think I had my first contraction whilst with the midwife but she said it was my body just preparing.

We got home about 6pmish and I felt exhausted (like I could pass out), I texted Jo to see what the best thing to do was. She suggested to go to bed or having a bath but realised quickly I couldn’t sit or lay comfortably! So I propped up lots of pillows, Gareth made me a hot water bottle and I lay forwards on them and started listening to the scripts. Using a lap timer I monitored my contractions and they were irregular 2- 6 mins between and lasting 30 -60 secs. I found changing position and walking round, leaning over the banister or sitting on the loo for the odd one passed the time well.

About 8pm Gareth ran me a bath and I told him I needed him to take over the contractions timing as I couldn’t focus anymore… It was weird, I felt really dazed and I guess trancelike! We spent two hours in the bath, Gareth using a head massager on me whilst I splashed water over myself between contractions – I remember thinking how amazing that felt compared to the contractions! At about 10pm I got out of the bath and thought it was time to prep to leave for hospital.

Gareth showed me the contraction app graph and they were still lasting under 1min so I still didn’t think I was in established labour! I realise now I probably was from about 8pm. The next two hours are a blur – I moved around a lot, got dressed, I told Gareth I was putting my shoes on and think it took me an hour! We set off for the hospital about 11.30/12pm, I listened to the scripts and counted only 4 contractions on the way in the car!

I could feel something between my legs and when I told the triage receptionist – she said ‘it’s a show dear’ – I said no it’s not, it’s a baby! She rushed to get the midwives and they took my straight in, asked ‘do you want us to transfer you to the birth centre?’ and I said, ‘how long will it take you to deliver this baby?’And the midwife said ‘about 5 mins’ so I said – great lets do it here!

This bit makes me laugh – I got an eye mask out of my bag and put it on!! Random, but it was bright lights in there (I think Gareth apologised for me being a diva), I asked her to wait until I had relaxed (with the scripts on my headphones) and started the birth breathing. About 20- 30mins later at 1.27am out popped Huwie Jenkins 7 lbs 2oz 🙂 thanks to everyone for sharing my birthing journey – I couldn’t have asked for a better one! Xxx”