Baby massage & yoga


Alongside Hypnobirthing, my daughter, Chloe, and I also run unique classes which are a lovely combination of Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Postnatal Stretches for mothers. Baby Massage and Baby Yoga are wonderful ways to bond with your baby plus give physical and emotional benefits for both of you. 

Babies are calmer and sleep better and are generally more supple and stronger after these classes. They increase their co-ordination abilities and their nervous system is developed. We also teach a colic routine that is ideal to help babies with digestive problems.

The benefits for mums are the increased confidence in handling their babies plus more awareness of how to soothe an upset baby. They also get to do some gentle post natal yoga-type stretches plus make friends with the other mums.

We really enjoy teaching these classes and here are some comments from a few mums:-

“This is the highlight of my week”

“This is my favourite baby activity”

“Thank you for creating such a warm, welcoming place for me to come to” (from a dad!)

“My baby loves the class and sleeps and poos really well afterwards”

Classes are limited to 11 mums. They are held in the back room at the Rose and Crown pub on Hoe Street. They are on:-










We have an optional shared group lunch after each class. Some mums bring their own sandwiches or a takeaway from one of the lovely local cafes. After each session we share biscuits, dried fruit and from time to time some homebaked goods! Mums are welcome to join whichever meal is convenient to them. It’s a great way to make new friends. 

To find out more please join the baby classes Facebook group – Baby classes with Jo.

You can also book online using this link

Dad and baby massage classes

Once a month on a Sunday in the winter we also put on a dad’s class which has all the fun and therapeutic benefits of the above classes. Why should mums have all the fun?! Email me for further details.



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In the summer we massage babies in the park!
Tea and cake in Indulgence Cafe after baby massage class – babies always sleep like logs after class!