Olive“We’re over the moon to introduce our little girl – Olive Daphne Evelyn Phillips. Born at Whipps Cross at 4.54pm on Friday 16th May and weighing 7lbs 8oz. We had a 17 hour, totally manageable labour.

Here’s the story…

By Thursday 15th May I was 40 weeks +12 days and feeling quite hormonal and fed up. We decided to go down the induction route and went to Whipps to have the first set of induction gels as an outpatient. 4 hours after the gels were given to me (which included a very brisk 2 hour walk around The Hollow Ponds) I was sent home as nothing appeared to be happening. I felt totally deflated. We ate some dinner and I went to bed around 9pm and drifted off listening to Jo’s scripts.

At 11.30pm I woke up to my waters breaking. As Adam called triage my contractions started and they asked us to come straight in. From the word go the contractions came at 3 minute intervals and were strong enough that I couldn’t speak during one – but I just focussed on the surge breathing and felt totally controlled. By 7am I was at 5cm and moved down to labour ward.

Almost immediately the contractions got much stronger so we popped on the Tens machine, I got on the gas & air and we set up our speakers with the Hypno scripts & music playing on loop.

Adam had been timing each surge using a contractions app and as they cranked up a gear we got ourselves into a really good rhythm. I was stood up leaning down on the side of the bed and Adam counted me down out of each contraction. So as one started he’d tell me to breath in, fill my belly – about 4/5 times – then he’d tell me I was over the worst of it and count me down from around 20 seconds. In my mind I could see myself going over the hill and down the other side and the discomfort just melted away with every number. I can’t begin to explain how much easier that made it and when we were in that rhythm I was actually enjoying myself – hard to believe I know!

I really concentrated on the calm breathing and Jo’s voice on the scripts in the background and in what seemed like no time at all I was at 10cm. I actually cried quite hysterically when they told me I was fully dilated. I was so happy and just couldn’t believe I’d got there!

I certainly felt her moving down, and coming out. It was an incredible feeling and when they passed her to me I felt like Superwoman!

Jo, I can’t thank you enough for everything you taught us. Not only did I enter into the whole process feeling calm & confident but I actually managed to enjoy the experience too. I honestly didn’t know labour could be like that. What’s more, in 9 years together I don’t think I’ve ever loved Adam more than when he was telling me to breathe deeply and counting me out of those contractions – I know that sounds so incredibly corny but it’s true! So thankyou so much for giving him the confidence to be a Hypno Dad.

Attached is a picture of our little piglet who’s getting more lovely (and chubby!) every day.

Natalie, Adam & Olive xxx

p.s just to add, the staff at Whipps were incredible – so kind, so supportive and so impressed by the Hypno Birthing. I would recommend it to anyone.”